About Torr

Founded in 2010 by the president of the International High IQ Society, Nathan Haselbauer, membership is limited to gifted individuals displaying an intelligence quotient occurring only once in every 760 individuals; making Torr one of the world’s most selective high IQ societies.

Torr is named after the unit of pressure-the Torr-which is 1/760th of an atmosphere. With such a selective entrance requirement, the pressure is on. Do you have what it takes to make it in?

Torr Benefits

Access to Torr’s private network allows you to exchange ideas and collaborate in a variety of formats. Members can create virtual symposiums to open up discussion, as well as participate in less formal venues that help nurture today’s amateur scholars in a friendly environment.

Torr is also a member society of the TenIQ High IQ Network.


If you have never taken an IQ test before and are worried about scoring low due to performance anxiety a good practice test to take would be the Free IQ Test. This test is not used for admission purposes, but is a good way to get acquainted with the type of questions you’ll find on IQ tests and get an idea of how well you’d do on such a test.

The Simplest way to become a member is to take one of the tests at  IQ-Test.ca and achieve a qualifying score. A score of 145 or higher will unlock the option to purchase a lifetime membership. Simply purchase the lifetime membership for $49 US and your membership certificate will be instantly generated.

If you have other proof of qualification from our approved list you must still register at the IQ-Test.ca website.   Once registered you must enroll in TORR Admission External IQ Test Submissions option and submit your document for grading. You will receive notification when your submission has been graded. At this point you may log in and through this test option purchase your lifetime membership for our society. Doing so will auto-generate your lifetime membership certificate which you may download for safe keeping.

Members who joined Torr prior to January 1, 2018 will also need to register at our IQ testing website and submit their certificate for grading. Please visit our members directory page for further instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns you may direct them to the TORR Support Team.


The TORR Support Team