International Culture Fair Intelligence Test

After a long time of not having our own admissions test since the disappearance of the Gigi Test, we are pleased to announce that we once again have our own IQ test for admission purposes. In the middle of September in 2018 we’ve launched our new International Culture Fair Intelligence Test or the ICFIT for short. The ICFIT is a timed test designed to measure your fluid intelligence and is the official admissions test for Torr and two other high IQ societies. Please visit the ICFIT website and give it a try.

Fallen Angels

A poem by Antjuan Finch

Before we had wisdom we carved our virtues out of marble. Although since then we’ve traded our stones for mirrors, and our hammers for keystrokes.
And now we sculpt ourselves out of each other, and bang away our insecurities, as though David might await us when we’re done.
No longer anytime for alters, or monasteries, the gods we worship are as human as us.
For, why bother holding yourself to an ideal, when you can just lie down your dignity and then hold everyone else accountable.
I suppose this is why we’ve grown cynical. We’ve slaughtered our gods, and then shaped ourselves in their image.

Greetings from the President of Torr

Greetings. My name is Victor Hingsberg and I’m the new president of Torr Society. Due to the unfortunate and untimely passing of our dearly beloved founder, Nathan Haselbauer in March of 2015 our website has been in limbo until earlier this year when I took over. A lot of changes have taken place since then which includes the addition of one of our members as the webmaster for this site and a complete modernization to a private social media platform free of advertisements. Since we are a website for paying members we do not sell your private info to third parties. Our website is completely private and your personal information is 100% secure. To become a lifetime member you need to have a qualifying score on any one of our approved tests listed on our homepage and pay a lifetime membership fee of only $49 US. Residents of developing countries may qualify for a reduced rate of up to 50% of the regular price.

This page was created for the publication of future articles by Torr members. All articles must be approved by the admins before publication and you must be a Torr member to have your article published.

Our page is new so please give us some time before you start seeing articles on this page. You are welcome to check in regularly for updates.