Dear Torr members,

On November 30, 2017 our website was temporarily unavailable due to our domain name expiring.  As a result one of our members had to buy it back from Global Internet Services.  Unfortunately, this means that our old data was lost and we had to rebuild our website from scratch.  We were only able to recover membership info from inception up to December 18, 2012.  All member data from the beginning of 2013 till early this year has been unrecoverable, unfortunately.   If you don’t see your name on this list please register at our IQ test site, choose the other tests option and submit your Torr membership certificate for grading. You must have either a downloaded or scanned copy of your certificate complete with your name, membership number and join date.  YOUR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE IS THE ONLY PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR GRADING.   Once your membership is confirmed your account details will be imported to the Torr website.  You will be informed when the process is complete.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE:  As of this day, June 24, 2019, we are setting a deadline for the above amnesty for old members.  January 15, 2018 was when this website was purchased by one of our members and since then old members had ample time to check and see if their names were in the members directory and to contact us if they weren’t.  Many have but many more still haven’t.  That’s why we are setting a deadline for this amnesty.  The amnesty is for September 30, 2019.  After that you will have to purchase your membership just like any new member once you’ve provided proof.  We think this is more than fair because anyone who valued their membership would have taken steps to ensure that they not lose it by now.  Our announcement is more than a year old and there are no excuses for not contacting us in a timely manner.


The Torr Management Team

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